A Little Bit About Myself

Hi everyone! My name is Lawrence, I’m a Graphic Designer and live in Toronto, Canada. I’ve competed in track and long distance running throughout my high school years but have lost interest in the sport since college. Don’t get me wrong, I still ran casually the past few years – 10k’s and a half marathon, but it was this same time last year I decided a change was needed.

With that being said, this past year I have picked up the sport again (after a long, hard-fought battle with laziness…#thestruggleisreal) and have enjoyed every moment of it since. However, I’d be lying if there weren’t any ups and downs to my training.

This blog is created to share with you what I have learned over my years of running and especially what I have done to improve my running this past year. I’m still learning on what works, what doesn’t, and looking to improve my PR for the different types of distance running I’m working on. Feel free to learn with me, comment and share. I hope by blogging I’ll be able to encourage people to either start running or motivate them to run more because it feels so good to chase that runner’s high.